Fall 2012

    Volume 11, Issue 4

    This special issue looks at the relationship between capitalism, neoliberalism, and higher education. Features include viewpoints on creeping corporatization in academia, a case study in how big state universities are failing non-affluent undergrads, and a closer look at the predatory lending practices that created a nation of indentured students.


    The (Mis)Education of Monica and Karen

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    When big state universities prioritize the needs of affluent students, in-state undergrads often fall through the cracks.

    Anti-Social Debts

    As the federal government shifts more of the cost of higher education onto consumers, are we producing a generation of indentured students?

    The Not-So-Pink Ivory Tower

    Women now comprise more than half of all college graduates, but that doesn’t mean they’re out-competing men.

    Teaching to Distraction

    Revisioning the college classroom in an age of texts and tweets.

    Degree by Default

    A bachelor’s degree is the new normal—but is that a good thing?


    From the Editors

    Higher Education, Inc

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    In Brief

    Banning the R Word

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    Go to Harvard–Free

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    Mind Which Gap?

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    Science Skeptics

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    Pay-to-Play Journals

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    Reframing the Achievement Gap

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    Academic Capitalism


    The Education Assembly Line

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    American Sentimentalism and the Production of Global Citizens

    What Would Jefferson Do?

    In Pictures

    Raising Them Right


    Keeping Rank

    College Sports’ Corporate Arena


    The Chattering Class

    Religious Origins

    Breakthrough Books: Education


    Passing on Faculty Roles, Cui Bono?


    Revising Peer Review