Fall 2014

    Volume 13, Issue 4

    From biological explanations for social behavior, to understanding political violence, electronic dance music parties, and sex research, this issue explores how experts set the terms of much of the knowledge we take for granted, and how skeptics contest these so-called truths.


    Medicalizing Racism

    More and more mental health professionals and pharmaceutical companies are classifying racism as “abnormal behavior.”

    Mothering While Disabled

    Rather than questioning whether or not disabled mothers should bear children, we should be asking how we can help their families thrive.

    The Sex Lives of Sex Researchers

    Despite decades of liberalization, we still judge sexuality researchers by the topics they study, making up stories about how they live.

    What Drove Anders Breivik?

    To really understand the roots of extreme political violence, we need to understand perpetrators in psychological as well as social terms.

    Molly Deaths and the Failed War on Drugs

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    The 2003 RAVE Act fails to prevent drug use at electronic dance music parties—and is partially responsible for the recent deaths of several young partygoers.


    In Brief

    A Storm Called Hercules

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    Rich Defendant, Poor Defendant

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    Fashion Victims

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    The Selfie Exchange

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    Building Better Children

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    From the Editors

    Experts and Skeptics

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    Pioneering Digital Sociology

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    The Precariat


    What’s Biology Got to Do with It

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    Looking–Who Are We Now?

    Narrating the Transgressive Self

    In Pictures

    12,906 Days


    Childless… or Childfree?

    Reefer Normal


    Contested Memories

    Opening Access


    Beyond Bullying

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    For-Profit Public Intellectuals