Summer 2012

Volume 11, Issue 3

Michael Schudson on what we know about Rosa Parks, Michael Kimmel on the role of chance, accident, and luck in research, and Jean Beaman on the North African middle class in France. This issue also features Viewpoints on Obama’s first term and features on sex entrepreneurs in China, marriage promotion advocates, and opera fanatics.


Telling Stories about Rosa Parks

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What we know about the civil rights pioneer—and why we’re often wrong about her.

Rosa Parks, Strategic Activist

Accompanying Michael Schudson's feature on Rosa Parks, Aldon Morris provides commentary to enhance our understanding of Rosa Parks and her activism.

Sex Entrepreneurs in the New China

Money boys and the contradictions of China’s breakneck economic transformation.

Marriage Goes To School

Can one learn how to be a good husband or wife? Marriage promotion advocates think so.

Opera Thugs and Passionate Fandom

From love at first sight to diligent study: what it takes to be a fanatic.

But Madame, We Are French Also

Being middle class, North African, and second generation in France.


From the Editors

Writing for Your Favorite Aunt

In Brief

From Private Pennies to Public Good

Time Flies–When You’re Getting Older

Gentlemen Prefer Stouts

Attack of the Pink Slime

To Be, Or Not To Be (Gay)


The Politics of Broken Dreams

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Judging Obama

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The French Take Hollywood

Small Town, Big Totem

In Pictures



Park(ing) Day

The Rich and the Rest


Immigrant Dreams

Rethinking Sexual Violence

Breakthrough Books: Race and Racism


Teaching a Hip-Hop Ecology


When History Intervenes