Summer 2013

    Volume 12, Issue 3

    This issue explores suburban fight clubs, veterans struggling with mental health, and ex-offenders struggling to re-enter society. Also: viewpoints on charter schools, Linsanity, the rise of the “illegal alien” and marriage equality support among black gays and lesbians.


    Ritual Violence in a Two-Car Garage

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    What attracts some suburban professionals, dads, and husbands to a fight club? For some, it’s a lifelong interest in fighting and martial arts and a desire to test their skills and toughness. For others, it’s a space to exorcise boyhood experiences of emasculation.

    Coming Home To Friendly Fire

    The U.S. military offers veterans and active personnel a variety of mental health support services. Yet many of those who would most benefit from help choose to suffer in silence.

    Dinner With Bruce

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    After serving a long prison sentence for murder, Bruce was released into a world he no longer knew. Over ribs and shortbread, he shares the story of his re-entry and his passion for food.

    Challenges of Prisoner Re-entry

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    Criminologist Charis Kubrin explains the big--and problematic--picture for those who have served their time, but will now be put to new tests on the outside.

    Atlanta and Other Olympic Losers

    When Atlanta was selected to host the 1996 summer games, local officials promised new money and visibility would follow. It did—but only for a lucky few.

    Jeremy Lin’s Model Minority Problem

    For a brief moment, NBA star Jeremy Lin offered Asian Americans a different way to imagine themselves— while affirming many longstanding myths about immigrant success.


    From the Editors

    Masculinity in Many Forms

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    Meet Our Department Editors

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    In Brief

    Don’t Say Gay

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    The Armstrong Effect

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    The Hug Treatment

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    Food Deserts

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    Shaming Obesity

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    Bushels of Misconduct

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    Keeping it in the Family

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    Charter Schools

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    Django Unchained, Voyeurism Unleashed

    Queasy Questions About Media Effects

    In Pictures



    The Rise of the “Illegal Alien”

    Race and the Same-Sex Marriage Divide


    Schooling Elites

    The New Class War


    Teaching Each Other To Teach


    Great Books Aren’t Written, They’re Re-Written