Summer 2014

    Volume 13, Issue 3

    In a special issue on food, we serve up tasty morsels on topics such as food deserts, urban rooftop gardens, gourmet burger joints, and competitive eating.


    The Joy of Cooking?

    At a time when many critics tell us that home-cooked meals are the secret to family well-being, a new study looks at the burden this ideal places on mothers.

    Inside the Extreme Sport of Competitive Eating

    Hot dog and pasta-eating contests may seem like displays of wretched excess, but they’re as American as apple pie.

    Small Food Co-ops in a Whole Foods® World

    Eating Military Base Stew

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    Traveling to Korea and tasting the stew of her nightmares leads the author to reassess the tangled history of Korea and the United States—and her own family legacy.

    Foodies Remaking Cities

    Gourmet food carts are expanding urban palates and transforming neighborhoods, but not always for the better.

    Consuming Rice, Branding the Nation

    Why a growing number of Asian countries are working to insure that there’s rice in every pot, and what that tells us about nationhood in a globalizing world.


    From the Editors

    A Sociological Smorgasbord


    Not-So-Sweet Charity

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    Why Poor People Buy Bottled Water

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    McDonaldizing Croatia

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    The Social Life of Leftovers

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    Food Shopping: A Chore or a Pleasure?

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    Irish Food Nationalism

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    Happy Meals

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    Growing Concerns

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    Labeling to Distract


    Revolutionizing Food And Space

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    Meat Masculinity

    A Feminist Guide to Cooking

    In Pictures

    Mapping the Flavors of New York City


    The Rise of the Gourmet Hamburger

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    Food Insecurity in Rural America


    Eating, Then and Now

    Weighing the Evidence


    Big Business in the School Cafeteria


    Culinary Capitalism