Winter 2013

    Volume 12, Issue 1

    This issue covers violence in everyday Buenos Aires, movements to end deadly war in Central Africa, and young men’s masculinity in affluent societies. Also, an interview with a founding father of the Occupy movement and an analysis of public mourning practices from Steve Jobs to Kim Jong Il.


    Born Amid Bullets

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    Latin American barrios, and how children cope with the daily violence that surrounds them.

    The White Girl’s Burden

    Scrutinizing the supporters of Invisible Children and their efforts to “save” Africa.

    Truth-Telling and Intellectual Activism

    A feminist public intellectual on the importance of speaking across multiple audiences.

    The Maquiladora Syndrome

    Sociologist Gloria González-López offers her reflections about one of the most important lessons she learned about conducting sociological research inspired in feminism and intellectual activism in a Mexico-USA-Mexico transnational context.

    Mourning Becomes Democratic

    Commemorating Steve Jobs, Kim Jong Il, and Princess Diana, and what they tell us about contemporary forms of public sympathy.

    Beyond The One-Size-Fits-All College Degree

    Do commonplace assumptions about higher education limit opportunity?


    From the Editors

    The Kids Are Not Alright

    In Brief

    Punk Politics

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    Occupy Hong Kong

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    Foreclosing on Black Communities

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    Rage Against The Refs

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    Rocking the Vote

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    Like a Hurricane – but Worse

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    In Pictures

    Digging for Mutual Cooperation

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    Borders and Margins


    Occupy Aesthetics

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    The Hearts of Boys

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    Missing Romance


    Measuring Same-Sex Relationships

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    Beyond “Post 9/11″

    What They’re Watching

    Is Marriage for Anyone?


    Body Lessons


    Ye of Little Faith