Winter 2014

    Volume 13, Issue 1

    This issue examines the promise and possibilities of cities: from Philadelphia’s Seventh Ward to the suburbs of Chicago, we explore race, transportation policy, homeownership, and gentrification. Also: viewpoints on human trafficking, an interview with Budapest’s sociologist mayor, and some help with the jargon of labeling gender and sexuality.


    Black Philly After The Philadelphia Negro

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    When W. E. B. Du Bois documented the struggles of residents of the Seventh Ward, he helped transform black Americans into a force for progressive social change.

    Challenging Motorism In New York City

    This densely populated metropolis is trying to give up the driver’s seat—and change the way we design cities.

    When Property Values Rule

    Homeownership may increase civic participation, but does it silence diverse voices in the process?

    We Are Family

    Queer Latinas are creating intimate ties that keep their families of origin in the mix.

    The Problem With Fair Trade Coffee

    When fair trade movement values clash with the profit-driven fair trade market, what’s a socially conscious consumer to do?


    From the Editors

    The Promise and Possibilities of Cities

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    In Brief

    The Lone Wolf Terrorist


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    Opera’s Last Act

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    The Feminization of Foreclosure

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    The New Workplayce

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    Fashioning Flawlessness

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    Kidneys and Kin

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    Bitter Ironies of History

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    Selling People

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    Survival of the Fastest?

    Hollywood Sperm Donors

    In Pictures

    Allah In China


    C-Section Epidemic

    Privatization and Racial Inequality

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    The Poverty of Policy


    Rethinking Wikipedia For The Classroom


    I Gentrify Bed-Stuy