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Structural Shocks and Extreme Exposures

In the United States, nearly all states have issued stay-at-home orders. Most people’s lives are legally and structurally confined to … Read More

Covid-19 Impact on Asia and Beyond

Sociology has a lot to say about health. Often sociologists focus on access. Who gets healthcare? Does the healthcare system serve some people better than … Read More

Healthcare and Critical Infrastructure

As of 12 noon on March 29, 2020 EST, there are 685,623 diagnosed coronavirus cases worldwide. The United States has 125,313 diagnosed cases. Italy’s … Read More

Con Corazón San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas has a large Latino population that is at risk for COVID-19. Indiana University sociology Ph.D. student Sean Viña has been working with … Read More

The Global Coronavirus Epidemic: Commentary on East Asia’s Response

Contexts Magazine: Sociology for the Public issued a call for papers 10 days ago and gave authors five days to submit opinion-editorials. We received nearly … Read More

CALL FOR PAPERS: The Global Impact of the Coronavirus

In early 2020, it became very clear that a new contagion had entered the human population and was spreading across the globe. The novel coronavirus, … Read More

American Academics’ Apathy and Complicity in Palestinian Oppression

Women with Flag; Image by hosny salah from Pixabay At the start of 2020, President Trump rolled out his … Read More

Will a NFL Player Take a Knee at the Super Bowl?

Where is the “Take a Knee” movement today as the National Football League’s (NFL) 100th season comes to a close, four seasons after Colin Kaepernick first … Read More

Twenty Years in a Culture of Fear

    It has been 20 years since Barry Glassner first published The Culture of Fear: Why Americans … Read More

Does Masturbation Teach Women to Orgasm in Partnered Sex? (Maybe, but It’s Not Clear)

In 1994, while attending a United Nations conference on AIDS, U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders was asked her opinion on promoting masturbation to discourage youth … Read More