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After Affirmative Action: Reflections from Older Siblings

The recent SCOTUS decision on affirmative action does not just perpetuate inequality in college access—it also intentionally pits racial minorities against each other. Read More

Who You Are and Where You Belong

What do schools teach children about their position and direction in the world? Read More

Tech Talk: Diversity Discourse in Silicon Valley

Amid heightened scrutiny, how do tech workers make sense of diversity within their own companies and arrive at the conclusion that they're "better than most"? Read More

Radical Theatre at The New College

The Florida professor’s inevitable termination was the cause, not the consequence, of his speech. Read More

Humor, Risk, and Black Twitter: Insights from the 2014 Ebola Outbreak

What types of digital humor emerge during an outbreak? And how does humor help negotiate themes of risk, contagion, and connections with others, particularly within Black Twitter? Read More

Who’s the Grown-up Here?

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed how college students from different class backgrounds seek help from their parents. Read More

And to Those Who Hath All-Star Nominations…

What Kobe Bryant’s All-Star nomination can teach us about cumulative inequality and the persistence of status hierarchies. Read More

Q&A with Dr. Sarah Elton

A sociologist focused on food systems, Sarah Elton aptly says that she gravitated toward Contexts because it “makes complex ideas… nicely digestible for … Read More

Meet Contexts’ New Blog Editor!

Elena van Stee, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, is the newly-appointed Blog editor for Contexts, the public-facing magazine of the American … Read More

Q&A with Dr. Catherine Corrigall-Brown

Dr. Catherine Corrigall-Brown, co-author of “Art Attack: Protest Takes Aim at Climate Change” and department head of sociology at the University of British Columbia, … Read More