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an unequal distribution of partners: gays versus straights

Partnerships are most equally distributed among straight women and least so among lesbians. Read More

Weiners Galore

“Shit, this is the worst,” Anthony Weiner declares to himself at the beginning of the titular documentary (now in theaters), as he waits for someone … Read More

Who has how many sexual partners?

A novel application of the Gini coefficient shows how much sexual partners are unequally distributed. Read More

Primates, scolding, and dismissive finger-wagging

A response to Myra Marx Ferree’s review of Primates of Park Avenue. Read More

Contexts Quicklit: Digital Sociology

If you want to learn more about how the digital relates to your sociological research, here are some great places to start. Read More

Walmart’s Consumer Redlining

When Walmart opened its first two stores in Washington D.C. in late 2013, Mayor Vincent Gray said that the massive retailer would help … Read More

The Converging Gender Wage Gap, 1980–2012

During the 1970s, women’s greater integration into the economy coincided with significant cultural and structural changes. One of the most popular television comedies during this … Read More

wherever green is worn

This year marks the centenary celebration of Ireland’s Easter 1916 rebellion. The “Rising,” as it is called, took place on Easter Monday, April 24, 1916. Read More

How to end institutional racism

Politicians promise. Sociologists can help. Read More

how to do ethnography right

Ethnographies are works of deep research based on in-depth, open-ended interviews and keen observations of how people go about their lives in different contexts. Researchers … Read More