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Germany Avoids Going Gray

More support for parents may help increase the birth rate, perhaps by relieving some of the difficulties of that transition to parenthood. Read More

Smoking Drives Mortality Inequalities

People who smoke die earlier. People with less education die earlier. People with less education are more likely to smoke. Read More

Building Walls, Buying Guns

Anti-immigrant ordinances are correlated with increased gun sales at the local level. Further, a greater association between immigrants and crime in local news coverage also results in a significant increase in handgun sales. Read More

The Paper Ceiling

Why do women seem to be missing from so many newspaper stories? Read More

Online Dating Choices, Constrained

Single people have an ever-expanding array of choices for romantic partners. Arranged marriages are no longer prevalent, and norms and laws … Read More

Father Schools and Promise Keepers

In many countries, women have gained greater access to education, the right to work with fair compensation, and protection from violence. These all reflect changing … Read More

Suicide’s Gender Divide

Whereas Durkheim considered fatalistic suicide caused by high levels of social regulation a marker of premodern societies, this research suggests gender regulation may be harmful to adolescents’ mental health in the present day as well. Read More

Culture of Overcompensation

As more middle-class people felt The Great Recession’s effects, inequality became more visible. The public increasingly realized the top 1% was not suffering in the same way as everyone else. Read More

Protest Works

In 334 Southern cities, lunch-counter sit-ins increased the likelihood of desegregation. The protests also affected desegregation in nearby cities; desegregation in one city led to desegregation in nearby cities as well. Read More

Unemployment and Well-Being

Sociologists of mental health study how the broader social forces surrounding individual circumstances affect psychological well-being. For example, unemployment affects well-being, but how might this … Read More