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Of Porn and Prayer

Is the rise in pornography consumption reducing religiosity? Read More

Get Tough on the Huddled Masses

Illegal documentation status elicits the strongest support for aggressive policing. Read More

Success and Failure in Framing Social Movements

How social movements frame their issues is crucial for success or failure, but understanding how framing works remains a challenge for researchers and activists alike. Read More

How Grown Siblings Divide Care Work

The “graying” of the U.S. population has meant more adults caring for their elderly parents—whether that means picking up more expenses, moving your mother-in-law into … Read More

Marriage and the Genetic Risk of Depression

In other stress and depression news, a new study uses data on twins to investigate genetic and environmental effects on mental health. Genetic effects refer … Read More

Long-Term Job Insecurity is Depressing

Losing your job is hugely stressful, and more and more people have experienced this stress since the Great Recession. In Society and Mental Health, Sarah … Read More

Measuring Race to Measure Inequality

Conversations about racial classifications—who is what—typically center around self-identification, and social scientists try to write survey questions that properly capture it. But how we measure … Read More

In Defense of Alternative Facts

We’ve all been there: in the middle of a heated discussion, it dawns on you that your opponent will not be walking away from the … Read More

Regulatory Relief for Researchers

Evenings spent huddled over tedious institutional review board (IRB) applications may be a thing of the past. For too long, IRBs in the U.S. have … Read More

Who Do You Think You Are?

We know that people in surveys over-report behavior seen as positive and under-report unacceptable behavior. But why would they do that even in anonymous mail-in … Read More