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Orange Is Mostly the Same Gender

On Orange is the New Black, does Sophia's transition through gender reassignment surgery actually reinforce binary notions of gender? Read More

Financial Aid in Crisis

Next time you’re looking to start a conversation with a college student (or college survivor), test-drive this question: “Is college affordable?” If you think … Read More

Birth Control, Religion, and the Social Construction of Whiteness

Most people think of access to birth control as a women’s issue, but its history is a lot more complicated. Read More

Football and University Prestige

In the United States—the only country that links sports so tightly to colleges and universities—football fans are bolstering not only their team’s reputation, but also their students’ brainy prestige. Read More

Gender and Status Matching

How women are wielding their own power—and standards—in the making of marriage. Read More

The Consequences of Framing Fat

Blaming overweight people and stigmatizing fat can result in denying overweight and obese people access to employment, earnings, and medical care. Read More

A Storm Called Hercules

by Corey FieldsWinter storms now have names like Hercules and Maximus, thanks to the Weather Channel. By naming storms, the channel … Read More

Rich Defendant, Poor Defendant

Robert H. Richards IV, an heir to the du Pont fortune, was convicted of sexually abusing his own child. Justifying her decision to put Richards … Read More

The Selfie Exchange

by Corey FieldsIf you are a teen with a social media account, chances are you have posted a selfie. The practice … Read More

Fashion Victims

Earlier this year, survey researchers at the University of Michigan questioned citizens of seven Muslim countries about how they think women should dress. They asked … Read More