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Trust and Multiply

As women across the world flooded the workplace, and fertility patterns shifted in response, researchers noticed persistent differences between countries. In some nations, as women … Read More

How the Media Makes Protests Matter

The impact of a protest is only as big as the media makes it out to be. Past studies have explored protests’ effectiveness in bringing … Read More

SocArXiv Promotes Open Sociology

A new paper server for the social sciences, SocArXiv (pronounced sosh-archive), launched in December, with the goal of promoting rapid sharing of academic research. The … Read More

Distrusting American Atheists

The Constitution protects U.S. citizens in their choice of religion, and, for many, religion is closely tied to American identity. It is, perhaps, why so … Read More

Screening Therapy Clients by Race and Class

Class biases among providers add to the care barrier for already underserved populations. Read More

Class Mobility Goes Way Back

The status of grandfathers’ and great-grandfathers’ influenced the status attainment of later generations of men. Read More

Institutionalizing Prison Reentry

How non-profits function as a link between the penal and welfare state. Read More

Not Making Mom Proud

Uh-oh. Did you take our advice last issue and call your mom? Hopefully she didn’t tell you she was really hoping to hear from one … Read More

Black Names Aren’t That Simple

Names given by highly educated Black parents are less likely to be perceived as “Black” than names given by less educated Black parents. Read More

The Complex Path to Secular Identity

The factors that shape secularity operate together, as our gender, political ideologies, and educational attainment overlap in complex ways. Read More