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Roundtable discussion of pressing issues of our day.

The Education Assembly Line

Experts weigh in on the rise of corporatizing trends in higher education today. Johann N. Neem, Brenda Forster, Sheila Slaughter, Richard Vedder, and Tressie McMillan Cottom and Sara Goldrick-Rab help us understand these trends and their effects on higher education. Read More

Judging Obama

The presidency of Barack Obama, the first African American president of the United States, is not going to be judged by its symbolic significance and healthcare reform alone. Sociologists, Ho-fung Hung, Fred Block, Alejandro Portes, Beverly J. Silver, and Richard Lachmann assess Obama's first term from the perspectives of green economy, immigration reform, foreign policy, and social movements. Read More

Understanding “Occupy”

Leading social analysts Ruth Milkman, Mohammed A. Bamyeh, Benjamin Barber, William Julius Wilson, Dana Williams, and Deborah B. Gould offer their views of the Occupy Wall Street movement—and its offshoots. Read More

Learning from Las Vegas

The social analysts, Barbara G. Brents, Michael Ian Borer, Annelise Orleck, Sharon Zukin, and Matt Wray, offer contrasting views of the plastic fantastic city of Las Vegas. Read More