sociology for the public

Spring 2012

Volume: 11 | Number: 2

This issue explores surrogate mothers in India, bodily perfection in Latin dance, and the impact of IRBs on sexuality research. Spring 2012 also features viewpoints on Occupy Wall Street, challenges myths about islamic terrorism and prisons, and shows how two intellectuals have fundamentally changed altered how Americans see the nation.

What They’re Reading

A "list" of what five sociologists and one sociologically-minded journalist are currently reading. Read More

Ubiquitous Spirituality

Two books, The New Metaphysicals and The American Soul Rush, are compared and reviewed to show how each addresses the central place that spiritual experience occupies in American culture. Read More


Crowdsourcing is a practice employed by many types of organizations that makes use of the internet to harness the time, energy, and talents of individuals who are otherwise unconnected to the organization. Hana Shepherd explores some of the many creative uses of crowdsourcing and discuss the issues the practice raises in terms of the nature and future of work. Read More

Understanding “Occupy”

Leading social analysts Ruth Milkman, Mohammed A. Bamyeh, Benjamin Barber, William Julius Wilson, Dana Williams, and Deborah B. Gould offer their views of the Occupy Wall Street movement—and its offshoots. Read More

Taking the Blame for Climate Change

In the United States, responsibility for climate change and other environmental problems is increasingly being shifted to consumers. Robert Antonio and Robert Brulle, in a … Read More