sociology for the public

Winter 2017

Volume: 16 | Number: 1

Trumped Again. The editors consider whether America’s activist fire has been relit as this issue’s authors explore social and political issues including taxation, abortion rights, LGBT rights, growing gender wage gaps, class divides, the existing U.S.-Mexico border wall, public health, and hookup culture and same-gender sex on-campus and off.


Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean. And so between them both, you see, They licked … Read More

Who Do You Think You Are?

We know that people in surveys over-report behavior seen as positive and under-report unacceptable behavior. But why would they do that even in anonymous mail-in … Read More

Obesity, Gender, and Immigrant Generations

People with lower income and education have poorer health outcomes in general. But health status and mortality rates among Hispanics and Latinos don’t follow the … Read More

The Persistence of Racial Boundaries

The relative rarity of Black/White interracial relationships has long represented rigid social boundaries. However, the prevalence of these relationships has increased, which many consider evidence … Read More

Class and Gender in Hiring for Elite Jobs

Social class is not a protected status under U.S. employment law, so employers may consider class when making hiring decisions. To examine how employers evaluate … Read More

Trust and Multiply

As women across the world flooded the workplace, and fertility patterns shifted in response, researchers noticed persistent differences between countries. In some nations, as women … Read More

Chump Change

In truth, poverty is an anomaly to rich people. It is very difficult to make out why people who want dinner do not ring the … Read More

Observing Life and Death in America: Gary Younge

Gary Younge was recently named a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and he won the Harvard Kennedy School’s David Nayan Prize … Read More

Scorn Wars: Rural White People and Us

Nina Eliasoph on The Politics of Resentment, Strangers in Their Own Land, and Hillbilly elegy. Read More

The Sadness of the Border Wall

It took two days on the bus for Catalina Cespedes and her husband Teodolo Torres to get from their hometown in Puebla—Santa Monica Cohetzala—to Tijuana. Read More