With an audience ranging from scholars to general readers, Contexts bridges the seemingly impassable gap between academia and journalism. Through advertisement in Contexts, you will be able to take advantage of its singular crossover appeal and accessibility, by targeting a wide variety of people.

Among those who subscribe to Contexts are

  • Knowledgeable citizens interested in important social trends and their implications for policy and public debate
  • Teachers, students, journalists, civil servants, and policy makers whose concerns include important developments in social research
  • Social and behavioral scientists who champion the cross-fertilization of ideas and creative new thinking in sociology
  • All sociologists who wish to remain current and engaged with findings across the field

Mailing List Information

Because many Contexts subscribers are ASA members, mailing list rentals are available through the ASA. Please visit the ASA web site for complete details.

Contact Information

For more information about advertising in Contexts, contact Jovi Candelaria:

  • Email: Jovi.candelaria@sagepub.com
  • Phone: 805-410-7132
  • Fax: 805-375-5282