Contexts is a quarterly magazine that makes cutting-edge social research accessible to general readers. We’re the public face of sociology.

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The magazine includes feature articles, culture and book reviews, and photography, as well as analysis of the latest social science research.

Who Should Read Contexts?

  • Anyone interested in sociological trends, social change, and the implications of sociological knowledge for policy and public debate
  • Teachers, students, journalists, civil servants and policymakers seeking out important developments in social research
  • Social and behavioral scientists interested in the cross-fertilization of ideas and creative new thinking
  • All sociologists who wish to remain current and engaged with findings across the field

At Contexts you’ll find:

  • The best sociological ideas and research
  • Fresh perspectives, clear, concise thinking, and jargon-free reporting
  • A thought-provoking look at modern life

Rashawn Ray (University of Maryland, College Park) and Fabio Rojas (Indiana University)
Managing Editor
Genesis Fuentes

Production Editor
Laura Wise

Books Editor
W. Carson Byrd

Policy Brief Editors
Sean M. Viña and Alisha Kirchoff

Trends Editor
Mike Bader

Culture Editors
Rashawn Ray and Simone Durham

Print: ThinkDesign Group
Web: Jon Smajda

Social Media
Simone Durham

Editorial Board

Keera Allendorf, Indiana University, Bloomington
Michael D.M. Bader, American University
Christopher Todd Beer, Lake Forest College
Ellen Berrey, University of Toronto
David Brady, University of California, Riverside
Amelia R. Branigan, University of Maryland, College Park
Tristan Bridges, University of California, Santa Barbara
Monica Lisette Caudillo, University of Maryland, College Park
Michael Juan Chavez, California State University, Dominguez Hills
Nitsan Chorev, Brown University
Jonathan M. Cox, University of Central Florida
Dawn M. Dow, University of Maryland, College Park
Judson G. Everitt, Loyola University, Chicago
Ryan Finnigan, University of California, Davis
Joshua Gamson, University of San Francisco
Eric Grodsky, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Saida Grundy, Boston University
Mark D. Hayward, University of Texas, Austin
Daniel Hirschman, Brown University
Ho-Fung Hung, Johns Hopkins University
Nina A. Johnson, Swarthmore College
Shamus Rahman Khan, Columbia University
Douglas Lee Lauen, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy, New York University
Jean Yen-chun Lin, California State University, East Bay
Judy Lubin, Center for Urban and Racial Equity
Zakiya T. Luna, University of California, Santa Barbara
Sangeetha Madhavan, University of Maryland-College Park
Raymond C. Maietta, Research Talk
Helen B. Marrow, Tufts University
Joshua McCabe, Endicott College
Paul-Brian McInerney, University of Illinois-Chicago
Ethan Michelson, Indiana University, Bloomington
G. Christina Mora, University of California, Berkeley
Kwai Hang Ng, University of California, San Diego
Anthony Paik, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ashley Rondini, Franklin and Marshall College
Sara Sobieraj, Tufts University
Sabrina A. Strings, University of California, Irvine
Nikolas Summers, Florida Atlantic University
Kiyoteru Tsuutsui, University of Michigan
Edward T. Walker, University of California, Los Angeles
Simon Weffer-Elizondo, Northern Illinois University