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Empathy is Hard. What We Need is (Sociological) Imagination

Photo by David Drexler (Source: Flickr) I live in the liberal bubble of Kent, Ohio, home to … Read More

Graduate Student Experiences in the Midst of Multiple Pandemics

Photo by Changbok Ko (Source: Unsplash) COVID-19 has exposed America’s fragile fault lines associated with economic and racial inequality. Read More

Arranged Marriage in the Spotlight of “Indian Matchmaking”

Image by rajeshkoiri007 (Source: Pixabay) In Netflix’s docuseries, “Indian Matchmaking,” singles search … Read More

Are google searches different in states with more Trump supporters? A look at searches about gender, race, and sexuality

Image by chayka1270 (Source: Pixabay) You can tell something about a person—or a state—by their Google searches. This is … Read More

Vaccines, Masks, and Routine Disruptions during COVID-19

COVID-19 has forever changed the world and our lives. As of the beginning of July, the total COVID-19 cases around the world is approaching … Read More

#CourageIsBeautiful but PPE is Better: White Supremacy, Racial Capitalism, and COVID-19

On April 27, 2020, Dove promoted a hashtag #CourageIsBeautiful with the tagline “Thank you, Frontline Heroes.” The next day, Ivanka Trump tweeted about a military … Read More

Who gets to define what’s ‘racist?’

One key insight of the “discursive turn” in social research is how concepts are defined, and by whom, reveals a lot about power relations within … Read More

Sociologist on the Hill with Dr. Scott Winship

On behalf of Contexts Magazine: Sociology for the Public, Dr. Josh McCabe interviewed Dr. Scott Winship about his time working in Congress. Winship is … Read More

COVID-19 and the Future of Society

The coronavirus epidemic is a classic “right now” crisis. A new disease has entered the human population and is quickly claiming hundreds of thousands of … Read More

Education Under COVID-19

Most colleges and universities in the United States, and universities in many countries around the world, are now physically closed. Since the reckoning of the … Read More