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Q&A with Chiara Cooper

In her Winter 2023 article, “Heterosex on Campus: Laced with Double-Binds,” Chiara Elena Cooper’s interviews with race- and class-privileged college students reveal a web of … Read More

Fear of CPS: A Teaching Package

Above, co-author DeAnna Y. Smith, who penned the Winter 2023 feature “Child Removal Fears and Black Mothers’ Medical Decision-Making” with Alexus Roane, speaks with Contexts graduate … Read More

Contexts in the Classroom: Teaching Durkheim’s Suicide at UBC

Contexts articles are perfect for the classroom: rigorous, relevant, readable, and rad! In this video, Dr. Seth Abrutyn, Contexts co-editor, talks about using his … Read More

A Chat with Dr. Elizabeth Hirsh

What is Dr. Beth Hirsh’s favorite section of Contexts? The policy briefs, she says, are great because they put policymakers and scholars into conversation … Read More

A Chat with Dr. Laura Nelson

About Contexts and its trends section, Dr. Laura Nelson (University of British Columbia) enthuses, “This is what we [sociologists] do: We take data and … Read More

A Chat with Dr. Ethan Raker

As UBC welcomes Contexts (or, should we say, CANtexts?), we’re speaking with sociology faculty to learn what they love about the magazine and its public-facing mission. First up, … Read More

Work and the Transgender Employee

Can I tell my employer about my gender identity? Many transpeople worry about the range of possible answers to this question. At first, the question … Read More

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The Freedom Revolution, Awakened Ancestral Roots of a New Generation, and a Population Moving as One

In many ways, Gen Z Iranians are a combination of the very best and the most important learning experiences of their previous generations. They are marked by their perseverance and their refusal to use old modes of protective denial in order to navigate the impact of the paradoxes of life in, as their parents and grandparents did before them. They will continue to form a collective self through their agentic, adversarial approach to effecting change. For all these reasons, “The Women of Iran” are the right choice for Time Magazine’s 2022 Heroes of The Year. Read More

Facial Difference, Social Disability (Or, Why I Didn’t Mind Masking)

Finalizing my divorce, searching for a new place to live, re-evaluating the possibility of a family—I was stressed out in November of 2009. Then my … Read More