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Q&A with Meghan Warner

In Meghan Warner’s new study, young people who have experienced sexual violence described themselves as stuck between two seemingly opposing stereotypes: the “broken” victim … Read More

Spring 2024 Table of Contents

from the editors in brief: “Okay, Boomer,” Elena G. van Stee “AI and the Scientific Imagination,” Colter J. Uscola “Who’s on Top?” Elena … Read More

Q&A with Dr. Elizabeth Blakey

For 17 years, Twitter/X provided free academic access—not by law, but by social contract—to its data for researchers examining elections, hate speech, and other … Read More

Courting Eviction

As the cost of living, and housing in particular, skyrockets, more and more people face eviction. Unsurprisingly, U.S. eviction courts—a specific form of civil legal … Read More

deplatforming blues

Twitter’s post-January 6th suspension of Donald Trump’s account silenced his digital megaphone in an instant. While the immediate consequences for the former president were evident, … Read More

A Sesame Street Feat

When we think about the spread of American culture, we might picture someone eating a Big Mac in Bangladesh, listening to Bruce Springsteen in Singapore, … Read More

Making Mom Proud

How do lower-income mothers respond when societal expectations for feeding children demand resources they do not have? Amidst the pressure of intensive parenting norms, lower-income … Read More