Q&A with Drs. Ashley Rondini and Jerry Saunders II

How did dark skin become such a deadly dermatological blind spot? Drs. Ashley Rondini and Jerry Saunders II are two of the co-authors of the Fall 2023 Contexts feature, “Race, Erasure, and Skin Cancer Prevention Guidelines.” In this interview, they discuss why they wanted to publish with Contexts and what they hope readers will take away from their new work. As Rondini puts it, “What we’re critiquing is not just… the USPSTF… guideline for counseling patients around skin cancer risk… but also the broader processes that led to the guideline… [which] instructs physicians to only provide risk counseling—behavioral counseling about how to reduce your risk for skin cancer—to individuals with ‘fair’ skin types.”

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Barbara Brown

December 6, 2023

Finally two doctors that recognize that the central / core of the team is the patient. With this in mind and if it’s taught in medical schools the prediction is there may be earlier recognition and diagnosis of skin pathologies in your darker skin population. Thank you.

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