Artist Mars Wright ( created his “Trans Joy Is Resistance” mural on the ProjectQ Community Center in Los Angeles in part to counter transphobic rhetoric that insists “we should not have joyous lives as out trans people.”

Q&A with Drs. Laurel Westbrook and stef m. shuster

Dr. Laurel Westbrook and Dr. stef m. shuster discuss their Fall 2023 article “Transgender Joy: Flipping the Script on Marginality,” telling Contexts grad editor Colter Uscola about accessing an “amazing opportunity to write in a more accessible way that reaches a wider audience” in order to “spread the message of highlighting the joy experienced by members of marginalized groups.” They urge fellow scholars to join them in countering dominant narratives of oppression to give readers a fuller understanding of the multifaceted lives lived by members of marginalized groups.


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