Q&A with Elena G. van Stee

In her Summer 2023 feature article for Contexts, Elena G. van Stee studied the ways students from different class backgrounds experienced and understood parental support differently as they made decisions about where to live during COVID-19 campus closures. Writing for Contexts, she says, allowed her to focus on storytelling, to “take a deeper dive into the stories of just two students” to consider their ideas about who owes what to whom, and to explore her novel concepts of “privileged dependence” and “precarious autonomy.” As she puts it, “I think this teaches us something about how inequality works and how it shapes really intimate dimensions of our identities and our relationships….” Read, download, and share the article for free through Sept. 14, 2023 at https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/15365042231192494.


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