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Binding Neighborhoods Through Co-Offending Networks

What explains the unequal distribution of crime across city neighborhoods? Labels are often designated to high-crime neighborhoods and the people who call them home. Countering … Read More

Risk and Resilience on Reservations

American Indian reservations are the result of a brutal history of genocide and forced displacement of Native people by the United States government. Today, American … Read More

Dreams Deferred

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was created by President Barack Obama in response to the failure of Congress to pass the DREAM … Read More

Gendered Impacts of Social Support

Does social support benefit the self-rated health of men and women differently? In the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Katharine Donato and colleagues … Read More

Saluting Sexuality

How does “outness” affect lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) service members’ mental health? In Armed Forces and Society, Wyatt Evans and colleagues explore how … Read More

Access Isn’t Enough

New York State’s groundbreaking tuition-free degree program will help thousands of middle- and lower-class families send their high school seniors to college. However, recent … Read More

Gender Inequality in Academic Self-Citations

The “selfie” generation posts pictures of themselves, often aiming to boost their social media presence. For academics, selfies might also refer to self-citations, aimed to … Read More

The Whiter the University

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI)—those not-for-profit colleges and universities with undergraduate student enrollment that is at least 25% Hispanic/Latinx—are eligible to apply for federal Title V … Read More

Urban Upkeep

Does living in a city change how heterosexual married men and women divide up chores? In Gender & Society, Natasha Quadlin and Long Doan … Read More

‘Til Death

Research shows that married people are healthier and live longer than unmarried people. One explanation is that spouses influence each other’s health behaviors (e.g., healthy … Read More