sociology for the public

Fall 2022

Volume: 21 | Number: 4

In this issue on “Visions and Transformations,” we invited sociologists to think about what the future looks like. The sociological profession did not disappoint. One article, “Sex: Click Here to Upgrade,” by Kenneth R. Hanson, examines how technology is changing intimacy and the sex industry. Katherine K. Chen and Victor Tan Chen explore what more equitable organizations might look like in the future. And the policy brief contemplates what a more just set of food policies could look like.

The art that graces the cover of this issue is The Butterfly by Jeff Soto. We think the work speaks to the future in at least two ways. First, butterflies emerge from a period of metamorphosis. Second, The Butterfly is a digital work of art that exists as a non-fungible token. This new technology represents a bold new step in how people make and distribute art. Will this be the future of art? No one knows—only the future will tell! Regardless, we think that readers will find a great deal to enjoy in this issue.

Fall 2022 Table of Contents

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