Summer 2011

    Volume 10, Issue 3

    The BP oil spill one year later, social science on the witness stand in Darfur, and an inside look at the public occupation of the Wisconsin state Capitol. Also in this issue: how to make sense of rumors, a followup on American Apartheid, and The Wire goes to college.


    Uncertain Knowledge

    Rumors are best understood as knowledge—true or false—filtered through social process. How we learn which to trust and act upon is its own mysterious operation.

    Voices of the Darfur Genocide

    In Darfur and on the witness stand, social scientists are going beyond body counts to provide the foundation for prosecutorial theories and judicial decision-making in international genocide cases.

    The BP Disaster as an Exxon Valdez Rerun

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    The aftermath of the BP oil spill bears eerie resemblances to the environmental and social damage seen after the Exxon Valdez disaster of the late 1980s. The stress is affecting every aspect of social life— financial, political, natural, and cultural.

    The Waning of American Apartheid?

    It’s been almost twenty years since Douglas Massey and Nancy Denton released their classic American Apartheid. Reynolds Farley takes a look at the slow progress of residential integration since. In a companion piece, Maria Krysan explores the underlying reasons why segregation is so stubborn.

    Race and Residence from the Telescope to the Microscope

    In a companion piece to 'The Waning of American Apartheid?,' Maria Krysan explores the underlying reasons why segregation is so stubborn.

    Enduring Dilemmas of Female Celebrity

    Fan magazines from Hollywood’s Golden Age reveal that today’s starlets face the same troubles as actresses in the past; they, too, must walk a tightrope between celebration and condemnation.

    Inside the Wisconsin Occupation

    University of Wisconsin sociology students and Teaching Assistants Association members share their experiences creating community and making waves at their state Capitol.


    From the Editors

    Real People Problems

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    Reflected Appraisals

    Pets, Religion, and Conspiracy Theories


    Summer 2011 Discoveries


    The Wire goes to college

    Photo Essay

    To Snitch Or Not To Snitch


    Korean Multiculturalism and the Marriage Squeeze

    Beyond Sectarianism in Iraq

    Culture Review

    They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab

    Lions, Tigers, and Bear Moms—oh, my!

    Let My People Go

    Book Review

    My Hollywood and the Nanny Book Phenomenon

    Welfare-to-Work Doesn’t Really Work

    Sociological Images

    Banal Nationalism

    What I Learned

    The Irony Of Understanding

    One Thing I Know

    Falling Upward