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OK, boomer

Millennials are widely assumed to be economically worse off than Baby Boomers. Explanations range from the younger generation’s experience of precarious employment, rises in cohabiting … Read More

movies reboot gender divides

Barbie, the 2023 film directed by Greta Gerwig, broke records as the first billion-dollar blockbuster solely directed by a woman. Why are females in cinematic … Read More

wealthy disillusioned with politics, too

As the rich get richer, as the old saying goes, we might expect their political influence to expand. This logic, however, assumes that elites believe … Read More

law and the looky-loo

Demonstrated by the popularity of Amazon’s Ring app, people are increasingly relying on private-sector technologies for safeguarding their properties and ensuring personal safety. Amazon profits—and … Read More

business on board for the environment

How has California managed to enact America’s “strongest” climate laws when confronted with a “fragmented system of government with multiple veto points,” a dynamic landscape … Read More

Courting Eviction

As the cost of living, and housing in particular, skyrockets, more and more people face eviction. Unsurprisingly, U.S. eviction courts—a specific form of civil legal … Read More

deplatforming blues

Twitter’s post-January 6th suspension of Donald Trump’s account silenced his digital megaphone in an instant. While the immediate consequences for the former president were evident, … Read More

from the corner to the digital street

As the distinction between life on the internet and life in the real world blurs, one consequence is that our online behavior can have a … Read More

Burnout Torches Promotion Possibilities

Employees increasingly encounter workplace conditions that contribute to poor mental health outcomes and, over time, burnout. But what comes after burnout? A recent article … Read More

A Sesame Street Feat

When we think about the spread of American culture, we might picture someone eating a Big Mac in Bangladesh, listening to Bruce Springsteen in Singapore, … Read More