Summer 2018 Table of Contents

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letter from the editors

resistance, by rashawn ray and fabio rojas

in brief

job foraging, nonviolent regime change, and the fears of undocumented parents: new research from the journals


broadening the landscape of blackness. fiona r. greenland interviews photographic artist ayana v. jackson.

activism and the academy. janice mccabe interviews public intellectual cornel west.


why sociology needs science fiction, by daniel hirschman, philip schwadel, rick searle, erica deadman, and ijlal naqvi. using sci-fi’s metaphors, ideal types, and counterfactuals to consider our real-world problems, old and new.


the struggle to save abortion care, by carole joffe. resisting both physical attacks and widespread policy proscriptions, mission-driven abortion care providers continue working to help their patients.

invisible inequality among “wounded warriors”, by sidra montgomery. the term “wounded warriors,” both a socially designated status and an official medical classification, creates divisions among service members.

when the personal is political—and infectious, by jennifer a. reich. privilege, distrust, individual choice, and parental care all factor into vaccine resistance, but the consequences are anything but personal.

global capitalism in the age of trump, by ho-fung hung. on the origins and consequences of trump’s attempt to de-globalize the u.s. economy, from working-class living standards to the global balance of power.

in pictures

students and university growing up together, by irenee r. beattie and roger j. wyan. a new campus and its first class of students, both in transition.


getting respect: elizabeth hordge-freeman on getting respect.

when discrimination goes to court: donald tomaskovic-devey on rights on trial.


white supremacist danger narratives: ashley c. rondini on the scripts justifying supremacy.

prison tourism in the age of mass incarceration: jill mccorkel and anna dalcortivo on penal pilgrimage.


taking a knee: simon e. weffer, rodrigo dominguez-martinez, and raymond jenkins on the prevalence of nfl protests.

untaxing the poor: joshua mccabe on the fiscalization of social policy

seeing change in environments and behavior: j. aaron hipp on measuring activity in public spaces.

policy brief

repeal fosta and decriminalize sex work: crystal a. jackson and jenny heineman on treating sex work as labor.

one thing i know

patricia munro on her sociological journey onto the fall ballot.