Summer 2023: Table of Contents

from the editors

in brief:

  • “The Way We Were?” by Rose Xueqing Zhang.
  • “Editing Online Communities,” by Sophie X. Liu.
  • “Cultivating Urban Environmentalism,” by Parker Muzzerall.
  • “Anxiety and Alcohol,” by Rose Xueqing Zhang.
  • “Coping through Humor,” by Sophie X. Liu.
  • “Mapping the Megachurch,” by Parker Muzzerall.
  • “Behind the Scenes of Financial Crises,” by Parker Muzzerall.
  • “School Shooting as Organizational Accidents,” by Rose Xueqing Zhang.


  • An Act of Bravery.” Amin Ghaziani interviews CBC journalisst and producer Lien Yeung about maintaining local relevance and achieving global impact.


  • No Place Like Home?” by Elena G. Van Stee. From privileged dependence to precarious autonomy, students from different class backgrounds understood and experienced parental support differently amid COVID-19 campus closures.
  • Do People Who Drive Trucks Care about the Environment?” by Emily Huddart Kennedy and Carly Hamdon. By adhering to a hierarchy of environmentalism, we lose the chance to understand others’ relationships with the environment and build solidarity in fighting climate change.
  • Montgomery’s Monumental Truths,” by David Cunningham and Christina Simko. One city, three eras: Touring the monuments of Montgomery reveals ongoing struggles over collective memories of the past and visions for the future.
  • Understanding the Durable Myth of the ‘Irresponsible Pet Owner,’” by Katja M. Guenther. Ethnographic research in an animal welfare organization challenges common, and harmful, framings of what causes guardians to surrender companion animals.

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