Who are “We the People”?

The Tea Party trumpets itself as a movement of the people. But who is included in “We the People”? Ruth Braunstein tries to answer.

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December 5, 2012

The video really shwoed how war has always been an issue throughout human history. I noticed that since the 1700's humans have seemed to decide that war is a good idea and a good way to solve problems The amount of war that has happened since 1700 is incredible. I dunno if humans have changed, or if society just evolved but war seems to have become much more common thing to use against other populations of people. Its crazy to watch the timeline and notice the events that go along with the dates. Like the conquistadors marching in south america, the crusades, and even WWII.I think that war has become an overused and easy form of problem solving. Throughout human history there are no real examples of problem solving using politics, however there are a huge number of wars that have become major factors in human history and evolution based on their outcomes. Imagine if the germans had won world war two, or if the crusades had gone differently and the world was a Muslim dominant place. The world would be a totally different place, and we all might view the image of war differently.

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