Winter 2024 Table of Contents

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in brief:

  • “Making Mom Proud,” Elena G. van Stee
  • “From the Corner to the Digital Street,” by Parker Muzzerall
  • “A Sesame Street Feat,” by Parker Muzzerall
  • “Business on Board for the Environment,” by Sophie X. Liu
  • “Courting Eviction,” by Parker Muzzerall
  • “History Lessons,” by Sophie X. Liu
  • “Burnout Torches Promotion Possibilities,” by Sophie X. Liu
  • “Deplatforming Blues,” by Colter J. Uscola


  • A Goldmine of Big Ideas.” Seth Abrutyn interviews marquee author and podcaster Malcolm Gladwell about social science and the importance of storytelling.


  • Green Card Soldiers,” by Sofya Aptekar. Citizenship, which proves harder-than-advertised to achieve through enlistment, may come second to the “poverty draft” in drawing immigrants into the U.S. military, but it matters for immigrants’ service and the lives they lead afterward.
  • Pushing Back on ‘Black Don’t Crack’,” by Alicia Smith-Tran. In a culture that lauds a youthful appearance, the author reveals how racism, sexism, and ageism combine in ways that uniquely harm Black women as they seek professional respect in White spaces.
  • How LGBTQ+ People Are Creating Change in Their Faith Communities,” by Orit Avishai, Jonathan S. Coley, Golshan Golriz, and Dawne Moon. For LGBTQ+ people, religion can be a source of oppression as well as a source of healing and inspiration. Within three social conservative religious traditions, the authors uncover LGBTQ+ adherents’ efforts to make their faiths more inclusive.
  • An Australian Uproar over CRT,” by Ryan Al-Natour. A look into the arrival of narratives that critique Critical Race Theory on Australian shores shows that the fears motivating the political clamor are nothing new. Indeed, the effort to keep Whiteness at the curricular core attempts to bulwark settler-colonialist logics.

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