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Q&A with Dr. Leah E. Glass

Dr. Leah E. Glass is an industry researcher whose new Contexts feature explores the (in)effectiveness of DEI training in a nonprofit context. DEI is … Read More

In Brief: Awards and Artistic Change

Does a big award mean a blank check for creative careers? Winning a Grammy is a dream come true for many musical artists—it’s … Read More

Q&A with Dr. Dan Cassino

“Even if… cryptocurrency goes to zero, [buying it is] still rational, because the reward men are getting from buying that cryptocurrency is not financial … Read More

Q&A with Dr. Jessi Streib

In the Spring ’23 issue of Contexts, Jessi Streib writes about the hidden opportunity structure—a luckocracy—that neutralizes class advantage and thus equalizes wages … Read More

Call for Blog Posts!

<Tap, Tap, Tap…Is this thing on…?> Oh, hello, sociologists! We’re looking for a few good fearless writers itching to … Read More

Q&A with Dr. Michelle Pannor Silver

Michelle Pannor Silver, the author of a Spring 2023 feature titled “The Retirement Paradox,” says “I love the idea of sharing research … Read More

Q&A with Dr. Stephanie Canizales

Dr. Stephanie L. Canizales is the author of the Winter 2023 Contexts article “Caught in the Dragnet: How Punitive Immigration Laws Harm Immigrant … Read More

How To Fact-Check an Ethnography (or Anything Else)

Recent years have seen increased emphasis on fact-checking in journalism, politics, and academics. Ethnography presents a particular set of challenges that some scholars have … Read More

In Brief: Close to the Issue

Why would you support a protest? Ranging from socially disruptive to catalysts for change, our perceptions of protests and social movements are often … Read More

Book Bans Impact Students’ Worldviews

Do you remember the first book you read that changed your life? I do. It was Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. I was in an … Read More