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Changing Faces: The Shifting Image of Chinese Student Migrants in American Media

Do you remember the headlines from the 1980s featuring courageous Chinese students fighting for democracy in Tiananmen Square? Fast forward a couple of decades … Read More

The Case for Grandmothers

It was a bracingly cold morning in 2019 in a far suburb of Toronto, Canada. I stepped across the threshold of Amina’s bungalow, taking her … Read More

We Need A Sociology of Flourishing

Since our founding as a discipline over 180 years ago, sociologists have become masters at studying social problems. Sociologists can explain the overt and covert … Read More

Who gets to speak for autism?

“Welcome to this warrior gang and we are bad motherfuckers!” exclaimed Jenny McCarthy to an audience of applauding parents. During an early autumn weekend in … Read More

The Class Politics of Fine Dining

Some people still have stress dreams about high school exams. I still have stress dreams about working for David Bouley. Famed chef David Bouley passed … Read More

Distinction Through Distancing

“Just recently martial arts has opened up, wearing masks and staying six feet away,” teenager Ryan told us. It was May 2020, the height of … Read More

Why did Motorville stay blue?

I first met Isaac in September of 2019. Though it was still early in the fall, the weather had already turned cold in his hometown … Read More

Letter to the Editors: Incarceration and Nonviolent Drug Offenses

To the Editors: In her essay, “The Drug War Turns 50,” Emily Campbell (2022) seriously misrepresents the situation when she … Read More

Public Practice and the Origins of Sociology: New Thoughts on an Old Issue

As sociology faculty nationwide counted down the days to winter break, heated debate again erupted on Academic Twitter (ahem, X). The point of contention? Praxis-oriented, … Read More

The Struggle for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Memory

In the video below, USC Professor Hajar Yazdiha, author of The Struggle for the People’s King: How … Read More