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All the Single Oldies?

Looking for love later in life is stressful and can lead to negative mental health outcomes. The divorce rate among people over fifty has doubled … Read More

Whose Time is it? Whites’ Time

Do we all have the same twenty-four hours in a day? In Sociology of Race & Ethnicity, Rahsaan Mahadeo enters uncharted new territory in critical … Read More

Love of Money Can’t Buy Happiness

The relationship between happiness and income is complicated. Many believe that more money will lead to happier lives, while others believe that more money translates … Read More

Building Broader Social Movements

Anti-Trump protests have united movements, bringing organizations who are focused on a range of different issues together for protests. This unity sets today’s resistance apart … Read More

Bad Boys or Exceptional Interrupters?

What is the process by which boys learn to believe that they are smarter than girls? How does this unravel in schools? In the American … Read More

Role, Status or Cooperation?

Stereotypes can have real world consequences, such as affecting members of a marginalized group’s chances of getting hired for a job. Stopping stereotypes at their … Read More

Being The Boss

Managing our own feelings and those of others—which scholars call “emotional labor”—on the job and off, it’s something we all have to do. Research has … Read More

American Indians and Authentic Blood

In Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Dwanna L. McKay explores the “real Indian” trope that polices American Indians. This trope of legitimacy stems from … Read More

Responses to Affirmative Action

Affirmative action, a remedy policy for past racial discrimination, is a highly controversial political issue in the United States. Those who support affirmative action see … Read More

Are Neighborhoods Actually More Diverse Today?

Do diverse neighborhoods remain diverse, or are they simply transitioning? In recent years, researchers have used neighborhood diversity as a measure of progress toward racial … Read More