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food insecurity triggering migration

Well-worn explanations of international migration flows focus on factors such as poverty and political instability. New evidence, however, shows migration is increasingly associated with climate … Read More

Sports, Antiracism Efforts, and Public Opinion

Ibtihaj Muhammad is an American sabre fencer, and a member of the United States fencing team. She is best … Read More

Major Selection and Post-College Financial Obligations

Imagine telling your family you hope that you or your child majors in philosophy. Feel the blank stare. Watch the slow head-nod. Researcher Natasha Quadlin … Read More

Critique of Title IX and Universities

Photo by Nathan Dumlao (Source: Unsplash) In their Teaching Sociology article, Amina Zarrugh … Read More

Working through Cultural Trauma

A 2019 calendar on the history of racial injustice, created by the Equal Justice Initiative.Elvert Barnes, Flickr CC … Read More

Is Homeschooling about Race?

Image by anaterate (Source: Pixabay) When determining what schooling option best fits children, race is a common factor embedded … Read More

Discrimination Affects Generations

Disparate rates of morbidity and mortality among racial groups are both a cause and a consequence of racial inequality. Previous research has shown that children … Read More

Gender Sucks for You and Me

When women enter into an occupation that has previously been male dominated, it can be described as becoming “feminized.” While individual women may benefit from … Read More

Racial Disparities in Job Seeking

Research has shown that half of all jobs in the U.S. are found through networks of individuals or informal channels, i.e., friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Read More

Is Divorce in Decline?

In marriage, certain issues (e.g., money, infidelity, lack of communication) may lead to divorce. According to Philip Cohen’s recent article in the journal … Read More