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Couples Sharing Money

How should couples share their income? Couples with greater relationship investments (e.g., having children together, being legally married) are expected to prioritize their families’ needs … Read More

Criminalized for Just “Living”

The Baltimore uprisings following the murder of Freddie Gray in 2015 were fueled by systemic abuse and neglect of poor Black communities. They captured the … Read More

Speak Spanish or Perish

Do you have to speak Spanish to be Latinx? In Social Problems, Lorena Garcia explains how middle-class adult children of Latinx immigrants use Spanish … Read More

To Hire or Not to Hire?

Several studies show that decisions about who to hire contribute to occupational gender segregation. But what about the decision not to hire? In American … Read More

Sex Work and Status Perks

How do marginalized men working in illicit markets create opportunities to improve their own racialized masculine status? In Gender & Society, Sharon S. Oselin … Read More

Inmates, Social Networks, and Health

Past research has found that being highly integrated with others has health benefits; little is known about whether this remains true in prison settings. Read More

Christian Nationalism, Race, and Policing

The era leading up to and during the Trump presidency has included intense conflict and dialogue surrounding issues of police brutality. In their new … Read More

Health and Romantic Union Dissolution

Poor health is associated with an increased likelihood of romantic union dissolution. But it is still questionable whether this association is gendered and whether married … Read More

Color-Blindness Wrapped With a White Bow

J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy, a memoir of a poor, White, Appalachian upbringing, focused on a social location and identity that are particularly pressing under the … Read More

Binding Neighborhoods Through Co-Offending Networks

What explains the unequal distribution of crime across city neighborhoods? Labels are often designated to high-crime neighborhoods and the people who call them home. Countering … Read More