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Children of Immigrants, Changing Races

The children of immigrants in the U.S. may change how they self-identify partly because of peer influences in the transition into adulthood and partly because of stress about social and academic performance. Read More

For Couple Stability, Context is Key

Researchers found no real difference between cohabiting couples: whether same-sex or different-sex, cohabitating couples had similar levels of relationship stability. Read More

University of Phoenix vs. University of Unicorns

Do hiring managers use the perceived quality of an educational institution in their decisions? Read More

Darker Skin, Harsher Sentence

A wealth of sociological research documents how Blacks are disadvantaged by the criminal justice system, from higher likelihood of being stopped by police to much … Read More

Maybe government could actually work

Lately, American government has defaulted to gridlock. Government shut-downs are a routine response to deep conflict, and in the wake of Supreme Court Justice Antonin … Read More

Call Your Mom

Maybe you’ve heard on Facebook that “You never know how much your parents love you until you have a child to love.” This feel-good meme … Read More

Murder Mystery

In a recent American Sociological Review piece, Michael Light and Jeffrey Ulmer analyze homicide deaths between 1989 and 2010 to examine the determinants of … Read More

Expressing Depression

There are clear health disparities between Black and white Americans across many indicators, including mortality, disease, health behaviors, and self-rated health, but things are murkier … Read More

Career plans aren’t family plans

Why is there such persistent gender segregation in jobs in the U.S. labor force? One popular explanation is that women choose “family-friendly” occupations in order … Read More

Middle-Class Moms Managing Black Sons’ Vulnerability

Amidst the public outcry over young African-American men being killed by law enforcement, White House initiatives such as My Brother’s Keeper, and activism around Black … Read More