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Yes, Sociology Is Racist, Too

There is no doubt that elitism and power structures exist within the field of sociology. In their 2018 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity article, … Read More

Frack Yes

Why do some communities support, and even welcome, disruptive energy industries? Practices such as fracking, drilling underground to extract oil or natural gas, can have … Read More

Fathering in the Age of Mass Incarceration

U.S. parents’ child support debt ballooned from $11.3 billion in 1987 to $115 billion in 2017. And as federal involvement in child support increased, new … Read More

Who Participates in Online Political Polls?

After the results of the 2016 presidential election were announced, many big-data political prediction organizations and news sites were left scratching their heads. Their online … Read More

In Public Office, Out of the Public Eye

The 2018 election cycle was hailed as “the year of the woman,” as record numbers of women candidates ran for office. These women defied political … Read More

Perceptions of Police Procedural Justice

It seems intuitive that the neighborhood you grew up in and your past experiences with authority figures would shape your perceptions of police as helpful … Read More

The Marriage Market Gap

“Will they or won’t they?” The popular question is situated in lay beliefs about romantic love and choice, but overlooks the structural hurdles people face … Read More

Politicians: Selfish or Selfless?

What’s more valuable to you: agency or communion? In Social Psychology Quarterly, Kimmo Eriksson considers whether Democrats and Republicans answer this question differently. He … Read More

Justifying Gentrification

Incoming gentrifiers often appreciate the authenticity, grit, and diversity of their new neighborhoods. Many even acknowledge feeling guilty for contributing to gentrification, the process by … Read More

What Does Homeownership Buy?

Regardless of racial or ethnic background, there is a strong American preference for home-owning over renting. While this is found to be true time and … Read More