sociology for the public

Summer 2021

Volume: 20 | Number: 3

The great sociologist Erving Goffman taught us that the social world is a play and we are merely actors in it. When the play is about gender and sexuality, though, the script gets complicated. The old lines aren’t enough; we continue to push for new roles and new scenery. That is what the Summer 2021 issue of Contexts is all about. In this issue, we have a thoughtful collection of articles that use gender and sexuality to explore inequality, conflict, and creativity. As we engage in a larger social conversation about how men and women interact and what it means to be male and female, sociologists will explore this new terrain.

Changing Social Context and Queer Recruitment Panics

Photo by Stavrialena Gontzou on Unsplash New Gallup numbers on LGBT Americans are causing quite the stir after the … Read More

Princessing: The Magic of Impression Management

A woman dressed as Elsa, the Disney princess. (Photo by Lydia Turner on Unsplash)   Fictional princesses have new … Read More

Between a Rock and a Hard Past

Photo taken on September 12, 2020. Not even two days after BLM protestors painted the rock, white supremacists painted … Read More

The Gender Revolution on Greek Row

Photo by Arièle Bonte on Unsplash We live in a moment of remarkable inconsistency in the gender structure. We … Read More

Summer 2021 Letter From the Editors

The editors: Rashawn Ray (right) and Fabio Rojas (left). Photo by Alisha Kirchoff. The great sociologist Erving Goffman taught … Read More