sociology for the public

Summer 2021

Volume: 20 | Number: 3

The great sociologist Erving Goffman taught us that the social world is a play and we are merely actors in it. When the play is about gender and sexuality, though, the script gets complicated. The old lines aren’t enough; we continue to push for new roles and new scenery. That is what the Summer 2021 issue of Contexts is all about. In this issue, we have a thoughtful collection of articles that use gender and sexuality to explore inequality, conflict, and creativity. As we engage in a larger social conversation about how men and women interact and what it means to be male and female, sociologists will explore this new terrain.

Princessing: The Magic of Impression Management

A woman dressed as Elsa, the Disney princess. (Photo by Lydia Turner on Unsplash)   Fictional princesses have new … Read More

Between a Rock and a Hard Past

Photo taken on September 12, 2020. Not even two days after BLM protestors painted the rock, white supremacists painted … Read More

The Gender Revolution on Greek Row

Photo by Arièle Bonte on Unsplash We live in a moment of remarkable inconsistency in the gender structure. We … Read More

Summer 2021 Letter From the Editors

The editors: Rashawn Ray (right) and Fabio Rojas (left). Photo by Alisha Kirchoff. The great sociologist Erving Goffman taught … Read More