Race as Class

Herbert J. Gans
November 2005

Framing Race and Poverty

William Julius Wilson
November 2009

Beyond Black and white: Remaking Race in America

Jennifer Lee, Frank D. Bean, and Kathy Sloane
May 2003

Race and the Social Science of Sincerity

Jr. John L. Jackson
November 2005

Doing Race with a White Face

Douglas S. Massey
February 2003

The Many Faces of International Adoption

Richard Tessler, Mia Tuan, and Jiannbin Lee Shiao
October 2011

Before and After the Central Park Jogger: When Legal Cases Become Social Causes

Lynn Chancer
August 2005

The Changing Face of Black America

Sangyoub Park
November 2009

Mixing it Up

Kimberly da Costa and Jamie Tibbetts
November 2005

In Search of Indians

C. Matthew Snipp
November 2004