A Matter of Degrees

Americans value few things more than a college degree. But what exactly do they do for people? Although college graduates have higher incomes, the reasons for our ever-increasing need to acquire educational credentials are tied to social and cultural forces that go well beyond the actual skills and abilities cultivated in college.

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podcast interview

Listen to an interview with Beaver about this article on the Contexts Podcast!

A waste of money?

Beaver writes that it’s hard to know the actual value of a college degree these days. Author and career counselor Marty Nemko has an even stronger opinion, arguing that most college students pursuing 4 year degrees or simply wasting their money. See his article in the Chronicle of Higher Education here and listen to his interview with npr here.

Joe the blue-collar career counselor

With degree inflation seemingly on the rise, one working Joe is encouraging people to forgo college in favor of a blue-collar career.