The New Contexts Team

Rashawn Ray, Co-Editor

Rashawn Ray is in the sociology department at the University of Maryland. He is the author of Race and Ethnic Relations in the 21st Century and the forthcoming Simply Complicated: How Families Matter in America (with Pam Jackson) and The Loves Jones Cohort (with Kris Marsh). He studies the mechanisms that manufacture and maintain racial and social inequality, as well as how inequality may be attenuated through racial uplift activism and social policy.

Fabio Rojas, Co-Editor

Fabio Rojas is in the sociology department at Indiana University–Bloomington. He is the author of Theory for the Working Sociologist and From Black Power to Black Studies, and, with Michael T. Heaney (see “Making Protest Great Again,” this issue), Party in the Street. He studies organizational behavior, social movements, higher education, and formal models, and is currently working on research on high-end art markets.

Letta Page, Senior Managing Editor

Letta Page is an academic editor who has worked with Contexts under several editorial teams. She sees her work as a radical act of translation, transforming academic findings into tools to inform and improve public life.

Tressie McMillan Cottom, Viewpoints

Tressie McMillan Cottom is in the sociology department at Virginia Commonwealth University. The author of Lower Ed (reviewed in this issue), she studies inequality, work, higher education, and technology.

C.J. Pascoe, Viewpoints

C.J. Pascoe is in the sociology department at the University of Oregon. The author of Dude, You’re a Fag and, with Tristan Bridges, Exploring Masculinities, she studies gender, youth, sexuality, and new media.

W. Carson Byrd, Books

Carson Byrd is in the Pan-African Studies department at the University of Louisville. His work examines educational inequality and the relationships between social interactions, racial identities, and ideologies.

Kristen Barber, Culture

Kristen Barber in the sociology department at Southern Illinois University–Carbondale. She is the author of Styling Masculinity.

Catherine Bolzendahl, Culture

Catherine (Katie) Bolzendahl is in the sociology department at the University of California–Irvine. She studies gender and politics, often from an international perspective.

Michael Bader, Trends

Michael Bader is on the faculty at American University where he studies neighborhood racial change and health inequality.