Winter 2015 Table of Contents

Well, gosh! First day out with our first issue in the new site design, and we figured out the “one big thing” we forgot: an easy way to show you everything that’s in our issue! This way you know what goodies to go seeking over on Free for four weeks, so have at it. Items that are available on are linked below.

Q&A: Contextualizing Cambodia. Hollie Nyseth Brehm talks to Keith Chhe about leaving his country—and its identity—behind during genocide.

Viewpoints: Sharing, caring, and profit with Juliet B. Schor, Edward T. Walker, Caroline W. Lee, and Paolo Parigi and Karen Cook.


Carrying Guns, Contesting Gender, by Jennifer Dawn Carlson. How carrying a concealed weapon reinforces and challenges gender norms and changes how women move through and experience public spaces.

Immigrant Cities as Reservations for Low-Wage Labor, by Michael B. Katz and Kenneth Ginsburg. Exploring the mid-sized cities of the Northeast United States, where immigrants make their homes but export their labor.

How Grassroots Groups Lose Political Imagination, by Kathleen Blee. New activist groups brim with big ideas, but the decisions they make quickly constrain which actions and activities are seen as possible.

Discrimination and Dress Codes in Urban Nightlife, by Reuben A. Buford May. The “velvet rope racism” of nightclubs means celebrating Black music while keeping young Black men off the guest list.

Mixed Messages about Teen Sex, by Stefanie Mollborn. In the U.S., young people are having less sex than the generations that came before, while the advice they get from peers, teachers, and parents becomes ever more scattered.

In Pictures: Same Trailer, Different Park, by Esther Sullivan with Edna Ledesma. The transience of community in a mobile home park.

Books: Erik Olin Wright on last year’s best-seller, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.


Lesbian Geographies. Amin Ghaziani on ladies and gentrification.

From Ferguson to France. Jean Beaman compares the conditions that led to 2005 uprisings in French banlieues and 2014 protests in cities across the U.S.

Covering the Three Missouri Michaels. Steven W. Thrasher on the three men who brought him to Missouri and how their stories converged.


What Happened to the “War on Women”? Deana A. Rohlinger contrasts the war on women with the war for women—or at least their votes.

Commodifying Conservation. Christopher M. Rea on conservation banks that price the priceless and change how we protect natural resources.

Teaching & Learning: Ferguson and “Rapid-Response” Teaching. Christopher Todd Beer on bringing current events into the classroom without relying on the whims of a news cycle.

Back Page: An Unexpected Box of Love Research. Michelle Janning finds scholarly inspiration in a shoebox.


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