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Black in black rock city

But it did strike me as very strange that the first of Burning Man’s 10 principles is “radical inclusion,” while the event so substantially lacks non-White people. An ethnography. Read More

The rise and fall of the religious right’s fight

After this historic ruling, and with support for lesbian and gay rights growing, right-wing activists will have to find a different issue to campaign on. Read More

Strategies for movement survival

Tough prospects lead to ugly politics. Read More

Clearing a path to liberation?

What we might learn from South Africa, where they've had marriage equality for nine years. Read More

This slippery slope doesn’t lead toward patriarchal polygamy

We may need a broader discussion on what role the state should have in regulating familial and sexual intimacy. Read More

Adoption equality is not a sure thing

Parenting may become something that only relatively wealthy LGBT people can afford Read More

Beyond legal equality for LGBT families

The legalities of gay and lesbian family formation remain complicated. Read More

The moment of maybe

Principles that might guide the next stages in this vibrant, ass-kicking movement. Read More

What’s marriage equality got to do with intersex?

What will happen to intersex people who seek gender validation through the institution of marriage? Read More

Improved measurement of marriage

The Supreme Court decision on June 26 ensured that same-sex couples have the legal right to marry no matter where they live. The shift in … Read More