sociology for the public

Fall 2008

Volume: 7 | Number: 4

With another election year upon us, this issue features several articles on politics. Francesca Polletta writes about political storytelling, Andrew Perrin describes the two faces of voting, and a collection of esteemed sociologists discuss the significance of Barack Obama’s candidacy.

This issue also features Jen’nan Read investigating perception versus reality with regard to Muslim Americans, as well as up-close looks at exonerees, the “family values” of Hollywood and the role of gender in politics.

Diversifying the College Campus

One thing I know is that race-neutral alternatives to affirmative action have not diversified college campuses. The latter half of the 1990s witnessed … Read More


People today are well aware that we live in a world in which terrorism is an ever-present threat. But we are less aware that this … Read More

Gender Politics

Despite the female candidates involved in the historic 2008 election, women trail men in all types of elected offices in the United States. The fascinating … Read More

Hollywood Doesn't Threaten Family Values

Politicians have long played on the apparent disconnect between Hollywood celebrities and mainstream “family values.” While Hollywood may provide multiple examples of people who have … Read More

Coping with Innocence After Death Row

The ranks of those exonerated of crimes they didn’t commit increases every year, raising questions central to society’s ideas about fairness, justice, and responsibility. Sociological … Read More

Storytelling in Politics

Conservative storytellers are known for their ability to “produce a narrative” while progressives have been criticized for their inability to do so. Telling progressive stories, … Read More

Why you voted

On November 4, 2008, probably 140 million Americans cast votes in the election for President of the United States. Nearly as many citizens, although eligible, … Read More

Muslims in America

Seven years after the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil catapulted Muslims into the American spotlight, concerns and fears over their presence and assimilation remain … Read More