sociology for the public

Summer 2008

Volume: 7 | Number: 3

The Olympics head to China in the thick of controversy over the role of China in the world today. In this issue, we explore the emerging rights movement within China, the role of sociology in the People’s Republic, the cultural legacy of Mao and the next wave of global sexual revolution in China.

We also look at groundbreaking research that shows Americans’ networks of confidants is in decline, examine the use of America’s most taboo word by Latino rappers, and sports journalist Dave Zirin issues a call to arms for sociologists of sport.

Looking for a Way Home

At 22, Michele Silvey has already lived an exceptionally precarious life. Read More

Harry Potter and the Wise and Powerful Life Course Theorist

Part of the Harry Potter series’ sociological and lay appeal is that it is set in the familiar backdrop of life course development. The books … Read More

Low-Calorie Feminism

In Full Frontal Feminism, author Jessica Valenti presents an updated, white- middle-class-hetero-friendly, do-it-yourself version of feminism for young women. Hays and Butler argue that this … Read More

Heat Wave

ross macmillan: Tales of the Heat At least three sociological accounts attempt to explain why such massive heat-related death took place in Chicago during the … Read More

It's Sexy. It's Big Business. And It's Not Just For Men.

Every January the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo transforms the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas into what is arguably the world’s largest adult playground. The … Read More

A Chinese-Led Global Sexual Revolution

Experts at the inaugural meting of the World Association of Chinese Sexologists envision China leading the next wave of a global sexual revolution. A description … Read More

The Great Helmsman's Cultural Death

Outside of Mao Zedong’s mausoleum in Tiananmen Square, Chinese entrepreneurs sell cigarette lighters, watches, and other trinkets that bear the former leader’s image. Mao’s transformation … Read More

middle (aged) kingdom

China’s “one-child policy” is hailed as the world’s most effective overpopulation control policy. It has been so effective, in fact, Chinese population officials now fear … Read More

Good Writing and Good Thinking

Recently we heard a story from an eminent sociologist about a paper she submitted to a leading journal that got us thinking about good … Read More

The Movement and the Party

One thing I know is that political bents consist of two distinct elements—the movement and the party—and the relation between them. The movement consists … Read More