sociology for the public

Fall 2012

Volume: 11 | Number: 4

This special issue looks at the relationship between capitalism, neoliberalism, and higher education. Features include viewpoints on creeping corporatization in academia, a case study in how big state universities are failing non-affluent undergrads, and a closer look at the predatory lending practices that created a nation of indentured students.

Science Skeptics

In the summer of 1925, John T. Scopes appeared before the Tennessee Court, challenging the ban on teaching evolution in … Read More

Go to Harvard–Free

Students now have the opportunity to attend Harvard—without playing the high-stakes admissions game, or even paying a cent. In May 2012, Harvard and MIT, … Read More

Banning the R Word

Imagine a classroom where it is illegal to discuss racism, its history and its impact, or fundamental concepts like ethnic … Read More

Higher Education, Inc

Most Americans believe that a university education is a ticket to equality, opportunity, and democratic participation. But as a nation we’ve never adequately addressed … Read More