understanding people in their social worlds

Fall 2014

Volume: 13 | Number: 4

From biological explanations for social behavior, to understanding political violence, electronic dance music parties, and sex research, this issue explores how experts set the terms of much of the knowledge we take for granted, and how skeptics contest these so-called truths.

Beyond Bullying

Sociologists Jessica Fields and Laura Mamo, along with education researchers, Jen Gilbert and Nancy Lesko, report on their high school storytelling project, Beyond Bullying, that invited teachers, students and community members to record stories of LGBTQ sexuality that moved beyond tales of depression, bullying and suicide towards ordinary narratives of love, loss, friendship and family. Read More

For-Profit Public Intellectuals

Sociologist Ryanne Pilgeram and media scholar Russell Meeuf discuss the hijacking of public debate by private research organizations, using the viral video “The Economics as Sex” as an example. Read More

What’s Biology Got to Do with It

Five experts, Dalton Conley, Roger N. Lancaster, Alondra Nelson, Kristen Springer, and Karl Bryant, debate the natural science turn in sociological research. Read More