sociology for the public

Winter 2009

Volume: 8 | Number: 1

This issue explores private sector military contractors, post-prison health, community organizing, and the fascination with the rapidly disappearing blue-collar America.

Communities that Don't Bowl in the Fog

A community indicators project compiles and presents up-to-date information on various aspects of community life in a given locale. As a barometer of a community’s … Read More

Uncle Sam Wants Them

As an online special, we’re making this article available in its entirety. You may choose to read either the html version or a PDF … Read More

Bottoms Up

America is witnessing a kind of renaissance of working-class culture, but it’s being ushered in by people distinctively not working-class. To understand why middle-class Americans … Read More

Who’s Counting?

In 21, a group of smart, nerdy MIT students travel to Las Vegas to count cards and score big at some of the biggest casinos … Read More

Why We Go Home Again

Still Waiting: Life After Katrina follows the families of three African American women as they rebuild their lives and community in the aftermath of Hurricane … Read More

How to be a Foodie

Food magazines are designed to appeal to the senses, but they provide guidance about culture, status, and the good life, as well as food. Rather … Read More

Holding a Mirror to Americans

Americans of the 1950s were both fascinated and repelled by what they saw in and through the new science of public opinion polling. This complex … Read More

The Emerging Class of the Lucky-Rich

In the last decade, the number of super-wealthy Americans has doubled. The extremely rich own 73 percent of the wealth in America and are using … Read More