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Strike days for public sector workers in Quebec

For the first time in a long time, workers from different college sectors actually talked to each other on our strike days, and the stories we shared were neither limited to the substance of our demands nor to the fears we hold over threats to our jobs. Read More

Quicklit: 5 questions you need intersectionality to answer

Inequality between groups is everywhere. Women are still paid less than men and the racial wealth gap … Read More

College Men Having Sex with Men: Are They Exclusively Tops or Bottoms? (No)

Being "versatile" is common among college men who have sex with men. Read More


Our collection of tweeted #sochaiku Read More

Regulating unpredictable schedules to cut down the chaos

New lawsuits, and state legislation, may start to change employer behavior for the better. Read More

Would you empty your bank account for…

Would you rather give money to your grandma or to your favorite cousin? Your creepy uncle or your elderly next door neighbor? Read More

Something’s going on North of the border, eh

Why sociologists should care about Canadian politics. Read More

Pete Wells: NYTimes Food Critic, Accidental Sociologist

The November issue of Contexts will feature an in-depth Q & A with Pete Wells, restaurant critic for the New York Times. Because we’re impatient and very excited about the interview, we’ve decided to post sections we couldn’t fit in the magazine as a preview. Read More

What 5 disciplines (not Sociology) say about ex-offender re-entry

To do the sociology right, you need to consider research from these other disciplines. Read More

Black in black rock city

But it did strike me as very strange that the first of Burning Man’s 10 principles is “radical inclusion,” while the event so substantially lacks non-White people. An ethnography. Read More