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Crowdsourcing is a practice employed by many types of organizations that makes use of the internet to harness the time, energy, and talents of individuals who are otherwise unconnected to the organization. Hana Shepherd explores some of the many creative uses of crowdsourcing and discuss the issues the practice raises in terms of the nature and future of work. Read More

The Global South

The phrase “Global South” marks a shift from a focus on development or cultural difference toward an emphasis on geopolitical power relations. Nour Dados and Raewyn Connell demystify and contextualize this term. Read More


People today are well aware that we live in a world in which terrorism is an ever-present threat. But we are less aware that this … Read More


The discipline of sociology has always depended on the social cartography of identification and rank. Recognizing that sociology continues the work of Veblen, Bourdieu, Goffman … Read More


Crowd is a scientifically useless concept because “the crowd” implies a single entity whose members have the same motives and/or continuously engage in the same … Read More


Despite its general neglect, normality has an extraordinarily powerful effect on how people behave. Even those who want to be different use a conception of … Read More