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Who's Counting?

In 21, a group of smart, nerdy MIT students travel to Las Vegas to count cards and score big at some of the biggest casinos … Read More

Why We Go Home Again

Still Waiting: Life After Katrina follows the families of three African American women as they rebuild their lives and community in the aftermath of Hurricane … Read More

How to be a Foodie

Food magazines are designed to appeal to the senses, but they provide guidance about culture, status, and the good life, as well as food. Rather … Read More

Enlightened Teenage Masculinity

While Superbad continues the crude and sophomoric story of nerdy, horny, and virginal teenage boys desperately eager to have sex with girls, it also presents … Read More

Heat Wave

ross macmillan: Tales of the Heat At least three sociological accounts attempt to explain why such massive heat-related death took place in Chicago during the … Read More

It's Sexy. It's Big Business. And It's Not Just For Men.

Every January the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo transforms the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas into what is arguably the world’s largest adult playground. The … Read More

A Chinese-Led Global Sexual Revolution

Experts at the inaugural meting of the World Association of Chinese Sexologists envision China leading the next wave of a global sexual revolution. A description … Read More

The Great Helmsman's Cultural Death

Outside of Mao Zedong’s mausoleum in Tiananmen Square, Chinese entrepreneurs sell cigarette lighters, watches, and other trinkets that bear the former leader’s image. Mao’s transformation … Read More

Trespassing in Someone Else's Utopia

Fan Fair-the Country Music Association (CMA) Music Festival-is an annual migration for tens of thousands of fans. Nashville’s storied Lower Broad district is glutted with … Read More

The Big Business of Haut Chocolat

Chocolate, in case you haven’t noticed, is big business. Visits to the 13th annual Salon du Chocolat in Paris and the 10th annual … Read More