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In Pictures

Nuanced, visual explorations of sociological themes.

The Urban Canvas

Cities serve practical, functional, symbolic, ritual, and ideological ends, all with an undeniable visual dimension. Therefore, the city can literally be looked at from different … Read More

Documenting Social Change

Around 1978 I began using photographs to study social change. Clearly not all social change is visible, but much of it is, especially … Read More

Photo Essay: Yes, We Have Some Bananas

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the lesser known island nations in the Caribbean. However, it received international publicity when Disney chose, … Read More

The Lucky One

My parents adopted my brother Carl from Thailand six years before I was born. Read More

Looking for a Way Home

At 22, Michele Silvey has already lived an exceptionally precarious life. Read More

Life, Death, and Music in West Africa

The gyil is a 14-key frame xylophone played during funerals by the Lobi people from Ghana’s northwestern region. Gyil music combines overlapping melodies and bass … Read More