sociology for the public

Fall 2020

Volume: 19 | Number: 4

In responding to the call for papers, a scholar on the Contexts website stated, “Sociology has the most sophisticated theoretical insights, conceptual tools, and policy ideas. It is high time for sociologists to gather and explain the experiences of people around the world affected by this pandemic.” Contexts Magazine provides sociologists and other social scientists, academics, and practitioners the ability to contribute in real-time when it matters instead of years later when the tide to directly impact people’s attitudes and behaviors in the moment has subsided. As another Contexts contributor noted, “‘If not us, who? If not now, when?’ We should be leading the discussion that makes this as much about the “social” as it is the biological and we should be doing it now.” We agree, and we are doing it.

Racism on Campus: Yearbook Pictures From Prominent Virginia Colleges (1890-1930)

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Rediscovering Voices in Uncertain Times

The New Black Sociologists: Historical and Contemporary Perspective by Marcus Anthony Hunter Routledge, 266 pp. My first “real job” … Read More

The coming vaccine battle

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White Allyship Means a Transfer of Power

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How Privilege Shaped the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Sex and Coronavirus

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How Taiwan’s Precautionary Approach Contained COVID-19

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Fall 2020 letter from the editors

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Critique of Title IX and Universities

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